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1st May, 2018

SRH Vs. DD - A must be watched Live at the Stadium Match

After defeating the Punjabi lions KXIP; our Orange army- SRH is ready enter the battle at the home ground on Saturday 5th May 2018. This match is a must be watched Live at the Stadium match for various reasons; especially when the opponent is Delhi Daredevils. Still confused if you should buy the tickets you browsed on for this ‘match of the Season’? Let’s help you decide.

Resurgent Team: The Daredevils, who were struggling with Gautam Gambhir at the helm, found the elusive winning formula in their game against KKR, when they comprehensively defeated the formidable Kolkata team in the home ground. However, they lost against Chennai Super Kings in the next game. Thinking why we are discussing this? Well, Here it goes - DD is trying hard to not sink in the season due to previous games and will thus try its best to win over SRH in the Hyderabad match. And this does make it a perfect reason to watch the match Live, doesn’t it?


Survival: While this match is of great importance to SRH in order to maintain its position on top with the maximum points in IPL Season 2018, it is of even more importance to DD who currently positioned at the bottom of the table with just two wins out of seven games, and thus will try harder than ever to keep themselves in the hunt for the play-offs.


Daredevils of Delhi Vs the Risers of Hyderabad: With great players including Glen Maxwell, Shreyas Iyer, Jason Roy and Chris Morris forming the DD team squad, this match will be one interesting event to witness. In fact, Rishabh Pant, popularly known as the Next Dhoni of India is also a part of the team this season. Now imagine, the battle between DD and our legendary players including Shikhir Dhawan, Bhuvi Express, and Rashid Khan to name a few.


Old Rivalry: We are sure you are aware than even though in 2016 SRH were the IPL Champions, the team lost home match as well as their away match against DD. In 2017, SRH won by 15 runs against Delhi in RGICS while DD defeated SRH by 6 wickets in the game at Feroz Shah Kotla stadium. Well, the rivalry is old and while SRH will try to continue the previous season’s legacy, it will be interesting to see DD trying to break the same.


Weekend match: Voila! This one matters-  A Saturday match. You don’t have to worry about unique reasons to apply for leave to watch this match. Simply buy your tickets Rajnikant style online or walking to the retail counter and spend the Saturday away from regular routine by chilling at the match. Wait! Chilling doesn’t mean you wont cheer for the team. Do clear your throats for a loud, louder, loudest Cheer!!!


Reading the above, don’t you think it is an awesome idea to purchase the tickets right away and witness this battle of the bats live at the stadium? We have already bought ours. Hurry! Purchase yours right away, before tickets sell out. Purchase your tickets only on , the official ticketing partner for SRH home matches.


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